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how it started

the real  story.

I'm Kristin....

I am a creative, fun-loving type, and I try to bring that to all the things I create. I am a fan of clean lines and white space, but I'm not afraid to try something new and different, I just want to create designs that make statements! Whether it's a postcard, business card, brochure, or logo for your new business brainchild, I want to help you bring it to life! I love all things pretty and printed! I also enjoy a good craft project every now and then. 

Creativity runs through my veins. Since a young age I have been a fan of the arts, dance, theater, music, anything! I love taking the stage and performing, or delighting in the awesome performances of others. That eventually evolved into creating, through choreography, craft projects, and then eventually graphic design, and marketing! If it's an opportunity to create something new and different, I am all over it! I enjoy a challenge and the excitement of creating the perfect piece for someone, whether on the stage, for their home, or in their business

How it all started

Graphic Design has become a great way for me to help someone brand their life! Whether its a party invitation, stationery, printables for a big event, or marketing materials for your budding business, I want to help you make the perfect statement!

I began freelancing as a means to have more free expression in my designs outside the brand guidelines of the company where I worked. Having the ability to create for a variety of different needs, in a variety of mediums has been really exciting! During my time in college studying design and print, I was always inspired by being able to be hands-on from conception to completion of any project, and I still get just as giddy when I can see designs come from a conceptual conversation with a client to a final printed piece that they are thrilled with!

In April of 2013, I launched my hopeful internet empire on Etsy and began selling my designs and services to the masses! In what was a whirlwind first year I expanded from personalized stationery and invitations to personalized gifts, on top of additional small business freelance opportunities. Never afraid to try something new, I hope my curiosity and passion for design and print continue to grow and help me create high quality, customized invitations, stationery, business marketing pieces and more. 

More Than Pretty Printables

Outside of invitations, stationery, and personalized gifts on Etsy, I also have a passion for brand development and logo design! I love helping business owners find a personality for their brand and creating the perfect visual representation whether through printed pieces, social media management, or email marketing initiatives. I believe that all brands have a story to tell and a personality to share that can be depicted through logos, colors, font choices and all the other little things that go into your day-to-day marketing efforts. Branding isn't just about hammering out logos and picking fonts, its about sharing your history and experience with the world and I want to help you tell your story!