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Marketing is all about story telling

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We’re a Charlotte based firm focused on bringing a defined marketing approach to brands in the home services industry. 

Founded in 2013, as a freelance design company, our firm has experienced organic growth as a result of our willingness to dive in and help our clients tell their stories in new and unique ways. We love showing who our clients really are and what is important to them as a brand. As Simon Sinek once said "People don't buy what you do, they buy why you do it."


Since 2013, ke design studio has been providing design and marketing services for clients across a variety of business segments including real estate, home services, manufacturing, transportation, relocation and storage, fitness, spa & salon, higher education, and medical services.

We take a wholistic approach to marketing. To tell the best brand stories you have to start with the best strategy, which is why we spend time learning about you and building a plan that resonates with your brand’s identity and core values, and in turn, your customers. Once the strategy is built we apply the concepts across the board; in the content we create, the visuals we design, and the communications we produce. Your brand’s distinct personality is present in everything we create for you. 


How it all started

I began freelancing as a means to have more free expression in my designs outside the brand guidelines of the company where I worked. Having the ability to create for a variety of different needs, in a variety of mediums has been really exciting! During my time in college studying design and print, I was always inspired by being able to be hands-on from conception to completion of any project, and I still get just as giddy when I can see designs come from a conceptual conversation with a client to a final branded marketing piece that they are thrilled with!

In April of 2013, I launched my hopeful internet empire on Etsy and began selling my designs and services to the masses! In what was a whirlwind first year I expanded from personalized stationery and invitations to taking on small business freelance opportunities as they were presented. Never afraid to try something new, I hope my curiosity and passion for design and marketing continue to grow to help me create exciting, innovative, and well-curated items for my clients. I believe that every brand, business, or organization has a story to tell and a personality to share. That story and brand persona can be greatly enhanced through well-crafted, strategic design and marketing efforts and intentional use of a variety of brand strategy components. After all,  Branding isn't just about hammering out logos and picking fonts, its about sharing your history and experience with the world and I want to help you tell your story!